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Herd Bull: Biltmore Regis 163Y
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Welcome to Sapling Mountain Farm, LLC.
It's Calving Time!

The first calf of 2016 arrived in mid January on a snowy and blustery winter afternoon. We are expecting a total of ten calves this season.

We can't control the weather but we have made careful selections in the genetics of our foundation herd to give us the best advantage. Our herd bull, Biltmore Regis 163Y, ranks in the top 2 percentile for Birth Weight in the Angus breed and we can testify to the truth of this! The average birth weight for this past round of calving is 71 pounds. Every 2015 calf has been delivered unassisted on the pasture with no complications. There is an incredible value to the Calving Ease that is a significant focus of our breeding program. There is a proven reason to believe that each calf will arrive easily and safely after a long nine month wait and we find this reassuring.

Once our calves are born we want them to grow and develop into fine young animals. We prioritize the ability to gain weight quickly and efficiently as an essential component of the breeding program. We highlight the Yearling Weight and Milk as one method to predict a calf's anticipated growth. Of course, we work hard to create pastures that have high quality grass with essential protein and make sure that minerals are balanced in their diet for optimal nutrition. The pride with which we care for our livestock in addition to the quality of pedigree in our herd is a winning combination.

Visitors often comment on the calm quality of our cattle. Our herd bull is in the top 10 percentile of the Angus breed for docility and we do see this passed down to the progeny. We also spend several hours a day in the presence of the herd and they are quite comfortable around people. Every animal has its own temperament and we delight in seeing the individual personalities emerge while we watch herd dynamics. We share our observations in our descriptions of each animal and hope that you will appreciate the insights.

Ready to add a quality addition to your herd? Check out our Available Cattle to view our full selection of cattle for sale. Thanks for visiting!

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